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About Summit Engineering Corporation

Summit Engineering is a full-service civil engineering firm that has evolved to meet the needs of a diverse group of mining, public works, and private development clients. It is our goal is to:

“Provide our clients with the professional services necessary to get the job done.”

Our success in achieving this goal is due to a combination of harnessing the latest technology and dedicated, experienced employees. These elements, along with our personable, professional staff, enable us to provide the very best services available to our clients.

The original founder, Thomas H. Gallagher, P.E., P.L.S., our president and chief executive officer, provides day-to-day hands-on guidance and direction for the company. Clint Thiesse, P.E., our executive vice-president, manages multiple divisions within Summit Engineering. This “hands-on leadership” and consistency at the helm is reflected throughout the organization, and allows our staff the flexibility to expand our knowledge base while maintaining a technological edge.

As many of our long-time clients can attest, meetings in our office are routinely attended by senior leadership. Because of this direct involvement and guidance, Summit Engineering has grown to become one of the premier engineering firms in Nevada.


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If we can add value to your next project, please contact Summit Engineering at (775) 747-8550 in Reno or (775) 738-8058 in Elko. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team.