Summit Engineering

Summit Engineering Corporate History

Summit Engineering Corporation was founded in 1978 in Reno, Nevada by a civil engineer and a land surveyor. In the beginning, our services were limited to civil engineering design and land surveying. The professional services that we provided expanded slowly until early 1985, when Summit added geotechnical engineering, materials testing, and inspection to the list. By 1986, we expanded further to include water rights surveying, a service that our development and mining clients required.

Environmental services became a prominent feature during the late 1980s, and in response to the needs of our clients, Summit began providing these services in 1988. Our Certified Environmental Managers were among the first to be registered in the State of Nevada. Those elements of our business flourished, and in 1996, we added an in-house photogrammetry department. This completed a strategic alliance of engineering and surveying disciplines that continues to provide our clients a true "one-stop-shop" for their professional engineering needs.

Summit Engineering | Important Dates In History

Date of Incorporation
September 11, 1978

Mining Claim in Clear Lake
January 1981

Second Summit Office Opened in Elko, Nevada
June 16, 1982

Northgate Groundbreaking

Summit Moves to Current Reno Location

Top 500 Engineering News and Review #380
April 5, 1989

Lawton Interceptor Phases II-V

Photogrammetry Department Established

Mortenson Annexation
July 24, 2001

June of 2000-2006  

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