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Summit Engineering's Reno office offers photogrammetry services that are useful in many mining applications. At Summit, we specialize in topographic and volumetric surveys, and we have found that photogrammetric deliverables are indispensible for project planning, design, and mine maintenance. Utilizing orthophotography tied to the ground with pre-set panel points, the resulting maps may include B&W or color photography; building, pond, and other installation footprints and routing; ground contours on any interval from 0.1-foot to 20-foot; and boundary limits; all of which may integrate with existing GIS databases.

Photogrammetric mapping is also an extremely attractive option to gather information in access-limited, off-limits, or hazardous locations. Summit's photogrammetry department can help clients with many different applications. For more information about the varied uses for photogrammetry, see the Special Services Photogrammetry page.

If we can add value to your next project, please contact Summit Engineering at (775) 747-8550 in Reno or (775) 738-8058 in Elko. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team.