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Rapidly evolving GIS technology has many applications directly related to engineering, surveying, land planning and geotechnical sciences, and as such offers our clients new possibilities for visualizing and analyzing spatial data. From our first major GIS project in 2008, we have rapidly expanded our capabilities. Utilizing state-of-the-art Trimble High Accuracy GIS-grade GPS equipment, we can provide up to four field crews for data collection by foot, ATV, or 4WD vehicle. Our field crews have considerable expertise with both TerraSync and CartoPac GIS mapping software, enabling us to capture point, line, and polygon features in an adept and cost-effective manner.

Efficient field collection begins with project research and planning. Summit's unique expertise with a wide array of available GIS base data gives us the ability to develop effective project planning to ensure smooth, expedient field operations. Using Trimble Pathfinder Office software, custom data dictionaries are created and tailored for the specific requirements of the project. In the office, Summit's GIS work is processed using industry-standard ESRI ArcGIS software. The geodatabase format enables large amounts of both raster and vector spatial data to be incorporated into a single highly organized database. Deliverables to the client can range from individual shapefiles transmittable by e-mail to an entire geodatabase delivered on a portable hard drive. Our GIS staff can also produce in-house hard-copy map books and generate exhibition-quality large format maps, mounted and ready to display.

Looking to future applications of GIS technology, Summit has become involved with RS 2477 mapping services. Our savvy for historical records research, cadastral survey procedures and aerial photo interpretation, along with our ability to georeference and reconcile historical maps with modern imagery, provides us with the background needed to perform verification as to whether or not an existing road meets the requirements for a public right-of-way under U.S. Law RS-2477. This is an issue of ever-increasing importance in the American West, and Summit stands ready to provide the research, mapping, documentation and reporting required for making appropriate evidence-based determinations.

G.I.S. Services Provided:
  • Road Inventory Mapping
  • Utility and Facility Mapping
  • RS 2477 Research and Road Mapping
  • Trail Route and Condition Mapping
  • Soil & Water Test Location Mapping
  • GIS Data Conversion
  • ESRI Geodatabase Development and Analysis

If we can add value to your next project, please contact Summit Engineering at (775) 747-8550 in Reno or (775) 738-8058 in Elko. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team.