Academy Reno
(AKA The Dean)

SERVICE STUDIO: Civil Infrastructure Engineering, Surveying Mapping & GIS, Material Testing & Inspection, Community Planning
Location: Reno, Nevada
Project Manager: Joe Pursel


As a thriving and growing campus, the University of Reno Nevada (UNR), was in much need of additional housing options for their students. This 500,000 +/- square foot student housing project with ground-floor commercial space was just what they needed to fulfill this need. The building will consist of 3-story parking podiums, with 9 stories of residential units (holding 755 beds) above the podium.  GMP Capital Partners & Reno Project Owner LLC chose Summit Engineering to assist with this project. Summit’s grading and drainage design helped the site contend with steep topography and mitigate the drainage impacts of the project.  Summit survey staking support during the vertical construction assisted the project team with the layout of the complex building.  There were also several existing utility relocations and off-site work required prior to the start of on-site construction.  


The scope of the project included providing surveying, geotechnical investigation, civil engineering design, construction staking, all materials testing, and 1704 special inspections for this project, including structural steel bolting and welding, reinforced concrete, epoxy dowels, and structural masonry.

The Academy Reno is a 500,000 +/- square foot student housing project consisting of 3-story parking podiums and 9 stories of residential units

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