Battle Mountain Community Health Clinic * Hospital (BMGH)

SERVICE STUDIO: Civil Infrastructure Engineering, Material Testing & Inspection, Community Planning
Location: Battle Mountain, Nevada
Project Manager: Nitin Bhakta


The Battle Mountain Community Clinic was a construction of an 18,000 SF Health Clinic and emergency Personnel facility in Battle Mountain, NV. The facility included a fully operational clinic, ambulance storage, personnel housing, and an FAA helicopter landing pad. Summit Engineering provided the materials testing and inspection services including earthwork, utility site work, and 1704 special inspections for reinforced concrete, structural masonry, structural steel, bolting, and welding on this project along with the design details. The project was completed on time and within budget.


Our design scope was to provide site civil design for a community health service building with an associated helipad for emergency operations. A soil investigation for this 1.87-acre site with structural and soil-bearing capacities also provided recommendations for foundation support, concrete and asphalt construction.  Some of the site challenges of the site were to locate the helipad in a spot to provide a clear approach and departure for helicopters flying in and out of the site.  In addition, Humboldt Street is eventually flat in grade.  There is no grade to the street to provide adequate storm drain runoff away from the site.  Underground infiltration/detention basins were designed to capture most of the runoff and take it underground.  Some site utilities had to be removed and relocated (sewer, gas, and electric) in order to get the building in the proper location.  Prepare site hydrology reports and assist with project specifications. Summit also performed a topographical survey, with ties to all visible structures and utilities.  Set control for site survey and research parcel boundary.  The finished product was to provide a 1’ contours site.

The Battle Mountain Community Health Clinic is an 18,000 SF Health Clinic and emergency Personnel facility in Battle Mountain, NV

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