Cabela's Retail Store

SERVICE STUDIO: Community Planning, Surveying Mapping & GIS, Civil Infrastructure Engineering, Multimodal Transportation Engineering, Mining Civil Support Services, Construction Management & Inspection, Geotechnical Inspection, Material Testing & Inspection, Municipal CIP CM & Inspection
Location: Verdi, Nevada
Project Manager: Clint Thiesse


Cabela’s, one of the leading outfitters for sportsmen in the U.S., opened a new retail outlet in Reno. The project encompassed all the aspects of planning, civil design, and construction services required for commercial and industrial projects, which included the implementation of stormwater quality management facilities. As a City of Reno requirement, low-impact development (LID) features were conditioned with the development of the site, a first-time requirement of the City of Reno.


Summit Engineering provided the full realm of engineering-related services related to site development for Cabela’s project including planning, surveying, mapping, geotechnical engineering, hydrology, structural engineering, and civil engineering design services for the site, which included the design of LID facilities. The purpose of the LID design was to reduce point source pollution in an effort to protect surface water resources. Site grading and drainage were designed to direct stormwater to bio swales and retention facilities. Landscaped parking lot islands were designed as small retention basins and the parking lot was designed to direct storm flows to the basins. Additionally, other landscaping features at the site were designed as LID facilities to treat and retain stormwater flows. 

In the early to mid-2000’s, Summit Engineering was retained by several Verdi property owners to prepare and produce the Mortensen Et Al. Master Plan Amendment and Development Handbook for submittal and annexation to the City of Reno.

The Master Plan provided development guidelines for some 2700 acres in West Reno, including the existing Boomtown Hotel/Casino properties.
The first area of development process under the master plan and handbook was the Boomtown Industrial area located north of I-80 and owned and operated by Pinnacle Gaming. A major player in this development was Cabela’s Retail Store. Summit was retained by Pinnacle to design the street and utility network to serve the 100-plus acres associated with the plan including the existing facilities owned and operated by Boomtown, demolition plans for the existing Boomtown Truck Stop, and a Special Use Permit document for a new truck stop location. Cabela’s retained Summit to provide Special Use Permit documents for its proposed new store and final site development plans for its 23-acre site development.

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