Carlin Emulsion Plant & Rail Site

SERVICE STUDIO: Surveying, Mapping, & GIS, Civil Infrastructure Engineering, Construction Management & Inspection, and Material Testing & Inspection
Location: Carlin, Nevada
Project Manager: Nitin Bhakta


A mining explosives plant North of Carlin, NV, a newly constructed facility was brought to this location due to the distance from residential housing and the close proximity of the mines. Southwest Energy had previously used a site in Utah to provide the same services, however Utah’s regulations of a safety zone ½ mile or more from residential housing, and their expanding residential housing, a move became necessary. With most products being sold in Nevada Mines, Carlin became a prime location for this site, Summit Engineering was tasked with designing a rail spur off of Union Pacific mainline tracks to offload Emulsion products used to manufacture explosive compound, also with it being able to be next to the railroad made moving the product much more efficient. 



The main plant is located 3 miles northeast of Carlin, Summit Engineering’s vast local experience, knowledge of the area, and ability to provide all three services needed, we became SW Energy’s first choice. Summit was also able and willing to provide an office for Eben, SW Energy’s lead on this project, allowing for a close working relationship between SW Energy and Summit personnel. The two teams were able to do multiple onsite meetings for planning the site during the beginning stages of the project.

This was a prime location for this site as Nevada houses one of the largest consumers of Emulsion in the country.

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