Chukchansi Indian Casino

SERVICE STUDIO: Community Planning, Civil Infrastructure Engineering, Multimodal Transportation Engineering, Municipal CIP CM & Inspection
Location: Coarsegold, California
Project Manager: Clint Thiesse


Summit Engineering provided complete civil engineering design services on this approximate 400-acre Indian Casino project near Coarsegold, California. The site is situated in the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains east of Fresno, California, and contains numerous Native American artifacts, which were also included in the civil design of the project. 


Civil design included an extensive and elaborate water system, which included two water treatment facilities, one of which was to treat wastewater for irrigation and fire protection.  The wastewater system included a sewer collection system, lift station, package treatment sizing, storage, effluent distribution, and excess effluent disposal fields.  A water balance analysis was utilized for sizing the storage and disposal based on drought evapotranspiration requirements for landscaping and seasonal wet conditions while maintaining fire flow protection.  The effluent system served as the project fire protection, the casino area toilet and urinal water, irrigation for approximately 25 acres of permanent landscaping, and approximately 50 acres of native vegetation. Along with the water system this project included highway improvements, a sewer treatment facility, vast parking lots, as well as civil design for the 200-room hotel/casino. 

The Chukchansi Indian Casino is approximately 400-acres

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