Humboldt County School District

SERVICE STUDIO: Community Planning, Surveying Mapping & GIS, Civil Infrastructure Engineering, Construction Management & Inspection
Location: Winnemucca & McDermitt, Humboldt County, Nevada
Project Manager: Thomas Hannum/Ryan Cook

Sonoma Heights Elementary School

Summit Engineering worked closely with H + K Architectural Group to design a student-friendly playground area lot with ADA-accessible facilities to the fields. In addition, Summit designed retaining walls to mitigate severe grade changes and drainage improvements to channel water away from the playground area. The existing gravel playground was removed, and a new synthetic turf surface was installed in place to provide a safe play area for students. Summit Engineering provided design services including topographic surveying, geotechnical subsurface investigation, design, and corresponding reports; and civil design including site plan, grading plan, utility plan and profile, horizontal control plan, details, technical specifications, and engineer’s estimate as well as construction staking and inspection services.

Winnemucca Grammar School

Summit Engineering provided design services for the Winnemucca Grammar School. The design of the project included the complete removal of all sidewalks and steps in front of the Grammar School. New concrete with drainage improvements that included installing valley gutter, collection basins, and sidewalk cross drains. In addition, a new set of steps and handrails were designed and installed in front of the school. Stamped concrete borders were placed around the new sidewalk in front of the school as well. Summit Engineering provided design services including surveying, design, and project specifications including grading plan, utility plan, and details as well as construction staking and inspection.

Summit has worked on 4 out of their 7 schools over the last 6 years.

Humboldt County School District – 2023

Summit was hired by the Humboldt County School District to perform 1704 Special Inspection and Materials Testing on 2 of their schools, one in Winnemucca and one in McDermitt. The school in McDermitt was having its sidewalks, landscaping, and parking lots upgraded. Lowry High School needs its storm drainage upgraded, Summit was able to provide all inspections and testing required at each location.

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