Lander County Minor Road Mapping Project

SERVICE STUDIO: Surveying Mapping & GIS, Community Planning
Location: Lander County, Nevada
Project Manager: Ryan Cook


Summit Engineering provided field data collection and ArcGIS database development for the mapping of all minor roads in Lander County. Minor roads are defined as roads that are established by usage and not generally maintained by the county. Minor roads are important in that they often provide the only vehicular access to and across public land. Summit provided multiple field crews utilizing high-accuracy mapping-grade GPS receivers to map and document more than 2300 miles of unmaintained minor roads, many of which were located over rugged and remote terrain. Four wheel drive trucks and ATVs were utilized to map all accessible roads. In order to increase productivity and efficiency, field crews often camped on site overnight to reduce travel time to and from remote locations. When combined with the more than 1150 miles of roads mapped for the Lander County Fuel Tax Mileage Road Inventory in 2010, Summit Engineering has mapped and documented nearly 3500 miles of roads within Lander County, roughly equivalent to the road mileage between Battle Mountain and Anchorage, Alaska.


As a separate phase of the Minor Road Mapping Project, Summit Engineering is currently developing an Official Road Map of Lander County. The map will depict more than 4100 miles of federal, state and county highways and roads. In addition to roadways and road identification numbers, the map will depict more than 500 other features, including geographic features such as mountain ranges, canyons, peaks, creeks and springs, along with man-made landmarks such as significant ranches, major mines, railroads and sidings.

This map will be the first comprehensive road map ever produced for Lander County in an all-digital, easily updatable GIS format, as well as marking the first publication of a full-color, printed road map in a format readily available for distribution to the public.

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