Lawton-Verdi Sanitary Sewer Interceptor

SERVICE STUDIO: Civil Infrastructure Engineering, Surveying Mapping & GIS, Material Testing & Inspection, Municipal CIP CM & Inspection
Location: Lawton-Verdi, Nevada
Project Manager: Clinton Thiesse


The Lawton-Verdi Sanitary Sewer Interceptor is the backbone sewer facility serving West Reno in the Truckee River Canyon from the Booth Street Bridge to the Boomtown area, including the massive Northgate/McQueen area and the Somersett area. Summit has been involved with all phases of this project, having provided right-of-way, topographic, and construction surveys for Phase 1, and then providing all design, surveying, and construction engineering services for Phases 2, 3 and 4. In addition, Summit has prepared preliminary design and cost estimates for Phase 5, the final phase which would extend the gravity system to the California border at Gold Ranch. 


Phase 4 was by far the longest and most difficult segment of the interceptor, containing nearly 5 miles of interceptor line with sizes ranging from 30 inch to 18 inch. This phase began near the Mogul eastbound on-ramp, crosses under I-80 near the Verdi/U.S 40 Exit, crosses the Truckee River on the west side of River Oaks, and crosses U.S. 40 near the Verdi Bridge, the current terminus and future connection point for Phase 5. An interceptor lateral line consisting of 24 and 18-inch pipe was designed and constructed from the west side of the river crossing, under the east and westbound tracks of the UPRR, to the I-80 right-of-way between Boomtown and Cabela’s. 

Nearly half of the Phase 4 sewer is located within the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way requiring UPRR review, approval, and licensing. Over 2000 feet, with depths over 20 ft., needed to be located in close proximity to the active eastbound track due to the severe terrain in the vicinity. This segment required design of a special soil nailed trench wall system to keep the track line active during construction; and use of special order glass-lined ductile iron pipe for the sewer interceptor. I-80 was crossed utilizing a 350-foot-long, 60-inch bore with steel casing under the bridge abutment fill; and, the railroad was crossed via a 190-foot, 54-inch bore and steel casing. The Truckee River was crossed by diverting the flow to less than a half of the riverbed, then constructing half of the crossing at a time. A 6 ft. by 6 ft. reinforced concrete encasement for the 36-inch sewer main, buried two feet below the riverbed, was utilized for the pipe zone. This crossing work required extensive water quality monitoring downstream of the crossing.

Over 2000 feet, with depths over 20 ft., needed to be located in close proximity to the active eastbound track due to the severe terrain in the vicinity.

Phases 4B and 4C of the LVSSI was a new sewer interceptor project to provide sewer service to communities on the western limits of Reno and Verdi. The Phase 4B project limits ran approximately from the I-80 Bridge near Verdi Business Park to Viking Metallurgical Corporation in Verdi and included 9,800 lineal feet 30” diameter sewer line. Phase 4C project limits ran from the west side of the Truckee River, west of River Oaks Subdivision in Verdi, to Boomtown Hotel and Casino, and included 5,500 lineal feet of 18” and 24” diameter sewer line.


Permitting included 3 Federal agencies, 5 State agencies, and 4 Local agencies, along with the UPRR licensing and acquisition of permanent easements from 9 private property owners.

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