Park Place Reno

SERVICE STUDIO: Civil Infrastructure Engineering, Surveying Mapping & GIS, Material Testing & Inspection, Community Planning, Geotechnical Inspection, Construction Management & Insepction
Location: Reno, Nevada
Project Manager: Colin Hayes/Joe Pursel


This was a $54,000,000 project and 500,000+/- square foot student house project with ground floor commercial space located across the street from the University of Nevada Reno.  The building consisted of 7 stories of wood frame construction wrapped around a precast concrete parking garage structure.  Our task was to provide the surveying, geotechnical investigation, civil engineering design, construction staking, all materials testing, and 1704 special inspections for this project, including structural steel bolting and welding, reinforced concrete, epoxy dowels, and structural masonry.


This was a multi-faced construction project, and Summit was utilized for the project’s entirety, starting with the initial soil’s investigation and report.  Summit starting at the installation of vibro-pier soil amendments, through final construction.  Inspections performed included soils testing, 1704 reinforced concrete, 1704 Masonry, 1704 structural steel and bolting, 1704 welding, 1704 fire proofing, and 1704 commercial building inspection in the project’s entirety, including all associated laboratory material testing.  This project also included upgrades and repairs to 2 major roadways, North Virginia, and Sierra Streets.  Summit worked closely with the contractor and owner to assure all construction standards were met.

Why was Summit selected? 

Summit was selected because of the local knowledge, relationships with city staff, and familiarity with the project site, as well as the many services Summit offers in-house (surveying, civil engineering, geotechnical, survey staking, and construction inspection).

Park Place Reno is a 500,000 sq/ft student housing project with ground floor commercial space located at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Why was this project important to the community and to the client?

The client is a national student housing developer with projects all over the country.  UNR was viewed as a thriving and growing campus.  This project provided much-needed additional housing.

How did Summit contribute to the success of the project?

Summit’s familiarity with local codes, knowledge of the site, and ability to provide several needed services within the same company (i.e. civil, survey, Geotech, survey staking, and testing/inspection) helped the project succeed.  Summit’s relationships with city staff were also an asset to the project.

Were there any unique challenges associated with this project?

Summit designed a relocation of a large public storm drainpipe which had to be completed prior to mass grading.  Summit’s grading and drainage design helped the project contend with the steep on-site topography, and mitigate drainage impacts of the project.

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