Ruby Mountain Peaks Subdivision

SERVICE STUDIO: Community Planning, Civil Infrastructure Engineering, Surveying Mapping & GIS, 1704 Special Inspection, Geotechnical Inspection, Material Testing & Inspection, Municipal, CIP, CM, & Inspection
Location: Elko, Nevada
Project Manager: Nitin Bhakta, P.E./Tom Hannum, P.E.

A long-standing relationship

Bailey Homes and Summit have maintained a working relationship since 2010 when Summit was asked to perform a soil investigation on the Royal Seacko Subdivision. Sumit shortly after began performing Civil Design, Land Surveying, Staking, and Engineer of Records on all the subdivisions they have completed. Including Autumn Hills, Ruby Mountain Peaks, Autumn Colors, Royal Seacko, Cedar Estates, Angel Park (Sage) Apartments, and Juniper Ridge Apartments, in the Elko are alone, in total 310+/- lots and 92+/- townhomes/duplexes.

Most recently

Most recently, working on the Ruby Mountain Peaks Subdivision, this project consists of 41 residential units averaging about 8,000 square feet in size and 2.1 acres of dedicated right of way. The design included a new complete water distribution system as well as plans for full street and utility services. Constructability reviews and working around storm drain facilities exceeding normal requirements. Permitting with the City of Elko and NDEP included. Construction staking and as-built services, installation inspection, material testing, material review submittals with full QA, bacteria testing, and pressure testing on waterlines.

"Working with Summit these past few years has been a great pleasure. They go above and beyond in everything they do from, answering questions, designing our civil plans, getting maps signed, or just getting us plot plans quickly. The ability to have a personal hands-on working relationship with our engineers is something that is so valuable in our industry. We are lucky to have them be a part of our community!" - Keri Robertson of Bailey Homes

Projects Summit provided services for Bailey & Associates

• Spanish Gardens, Elko – 2010 to 2011
• Autumn Colors Phase 1-5, Elko – 2012 to 2021
• Cedar Estates, Elko – 2015 to 2022
• Autumn Hills, Elko – 2015 to 2017
• Fernley Eagle Meadows, Fernley – 2017 to 2018
• Cambridge Estates, Elko – 2018 to 2023
• Ruby Mountain Peaks, Elko – 2019 to 2023

• Bluffs Court Apartments, Reno – 2015 to 2018
• Juniper Ridge Apartments, Elko – 2015 to 2022
• Eco4 Apartments, Reno – 2018 to 2021
• Sage Apartments, Elko – 2022 to Ongoing

• Khoury’s Market Building C, Spring Creek – 2010
• Silver Street Commercial Building, Elko – 2012 to 2014
• Commercial Building Development, Elko – 2012 to 2015
• Crossfit, Elko – 2015
• Spring Creek Community Center, Spring Creek – 2015 to 2016
• Bailey Home Office, Elko – 2016

Miscellaneous Projects – 2010 to Current

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