The Montage

SERVICE STUDIO: Community Planning, Surveying Mapping & GIS, Civil Infrastructure Engineering, Construction Management & Inspection, Municipal CIP CM & Inspection
Location: Reno, Nevada
Project Manager: Clint Thiesse


The Montage was a hotel-condominium conversion project from an existing casino hotel to a condo building, with a pool, ½ acre outdoor gardens, and fitness center among others. It was considered the largest adaptive reuse project in the United States at the time. This was the second condo conversion project within the great Reno/Sparks area. The condo was a conversion of the Fitzgerald’s casino hotel portion of the property. The building was taken down to the main steel frame of the building and modified into condo units. Summit Engineering’s planning department was responsible for the entitlement process which allowed for the conversion of the Golden Phoenix Hotel & Casino into 388 luxury condominiums and 4 commercial/ retail parcels known as The Montage. 


Summit Engineering was tasked with the 1704 special inspection for the building including structural steel and welding, concrete placement, and fireproofing inspections. The land surveying included the combining and re-subdivide of the existing 12 parcels under the existing building into a combination of maps to divide out the condo units. This included initial subdivision maps to isolate individual floors of sections to be subdivided later into specific units. The water system was upgraded to meet the requirements for individual condo units on a single supply line, fire standards, and backflow facilities to bring the system up to code. The existing facility’s age and infrastructure were well below current standards and innovative engineering and surveying were provided by Summit to meet the daily challenges to complete the conversion project and put the building into the 21st century. The former Golden Phoenix Hotel and Casino is now a sustainable site plan, with energy & and water efficiency, indoor environment quality, and material and resource conservation, and is still marketed as a condominium resort today.

The Golden Phoenix Hotel & Casino was converted into 388 luxury condominiums and 4 commercial/ retail parcels; known as The Montage.

Riverwalk and Grand Sierra Resort

In addition to the Montage Summit worked on similar projects such as the Riverwalk and Grand Sierra Resort (GSR) conversions. While the Riverwalk was completed with most of the same tasks as the Montage, the GSR was projected to be a far more extensive project. Located on 145 landscaped acres with a view of a 38-acre lake, the initial design concept for the Grand Sierra Resort included 4 new condo/hotel towers (about 2,000 rooms), an indoor water park (would have been the nation's largest at 150,000 sg ft.), a concert arena, 3 story golf driving range, and white water rafting on the Truckee River frontage to support expanded gaming facilities. 7 maps were prepared and recorded, defining the air space in each room with property work covering the entire property. Due to the recession in 2008, only the 7 maps for the hotel-condo conversions were submitted and recorded, the remaining portion of the project was not.

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