Turquoise Ridge Mine Shaft #3 – Thyssen Mining

SERVICE STUDIO: Mining Support Services, Construction Management & Inspection
Location: Golconda, Nevada
Project Manager: Thomas Hannum


Summit Engineering was brought on to do all the soil and concrete inspection and test for what would become the deepest mine shaft in Nevada. This was a 3,250’ shaft, lined with concrete with a finished diameter of 24’. This new shaft was essential to their operations since the main ore body had moved away from the two other shafts, creating lengthy haul times, in addition, this new shaft can move 30,000 pounds of gear. While working on this project with Thyssen Mining, Summit performed testing and inspection on the shaft, headframe, hoist house with foundations, and a new change house. Summit worked hard to provide lab results in a timely manner, assuring quality control requirements were met.

The Turquoise Ridge Mine Shaft #3 consisted of 3250 ft. of concrete and 24 ft. in diameter.

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