Valmy Power Plant Upgrades

SERVICE STUDIO: Community Planning, Surveying Mapping & GIS, Civil Infrastructure Engineering, Multimodal Transportation Engineering, Mining Civil Support Services, Construction Management & Inspection, Geotechnical Inspection, Material Testing & Inspection, Municipal CIP CM & Inspection
Location: Valmy, Nevada
Project Manager: Nitin Bhakta


Summit Engineering Corporation provided on-site engineering and testing services for the maintenance shop, cooling tower, power generation station, fire trenches, two (20 fly ash transloading facilities, evaporation pond realigning, and drainage improvements with wash bays at the truck shop facilities. These projects used all divisions of Summit’s experience with soil recommendations, civil design, land and construction surveying, and special inspections and materials testing. The total cost of these projects ranged from 1-10 million in total construction for each.


One of the more unique portions of these projects was the installation of over 15,000 lineal feet of underground fire line throughout the Valmy Power Plant.  The project required on-site engineering to contend with all of the utility conflicts with the plant’s unknown and abandoned utilities.  The project spanned three years and cost seven and a half million dollars.  Summit’s inspectors observed the trenching, pipe placement, backfill, and pressure testing for the extent of the project.  The project included boring under a Union Pacific railroad line and mitigating hundreds of unknown conflicts during the construction process.

More than 15,000 lineal feet of underground fire line was installed throughout the Valmy Power Plant.

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