Washoe County School District (WCSD)

SERVICE STUDIO: Community Planning, Surveying Mapping & GIS, Civil Infrastructure Engineering, Multimodal Transportation Engineering, Mining Civil Support Services, Construction Management & Inspection, Geotechnical Inspection, Material Testing & Inspection, Municipal CIP CM & Inspection
Location: Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County, Nevada
Project manager: Clint Thiesse


The Washoe County School District awarded Summit Engineering a contract for the preparation of construction plans and technical specifications for WCSD 2017 Asphalt Pavement Corrective and Preventive Maintenance Project. Sixteen schools were included in the project. Overall parking areas, general conditions, and the existing quality of asphalt pavement were identified by WCSD as units that were in need of corrective and preventive pavement treatment. 


In June 2017, Summit provided an initial field review of each proposed site to assess the scope and general condition of the overall parking areas and the quality of existing asphalt pavement which became the basis for recommendations. Summit’s detailed assessment of each of the schools was performed which identified all cracking that required corrective treatment prior to the preventive slurry seal and/or micro paving operation. Corrective work was classified as “cut/remove/patch” or “clean/rout/crack” seal. Some significantly large areas of distress were identified for removal and replacement of pavement. 30% ACAD drawings, were provided to WCSD to graphically show the field findings on a prepared set of drawings. In the 90% plan development stage, Summit incorporated all comments received from the 30% review. 

Sixteen schools were included in the WCSD 2017 Asphalt Pavement Corrective and Preventive Maintenance Project.

At the 100% Plans and Specifications stage, final red lines, comments, edits, and corrections to the plans, specifications and bid schedule were all incorporated, on the final plan set suitable for bidding and construction purposes. 

The project plan set was developed as a single package with an overall estimated construction cost of $1,000,000, or nearly $100,000 per school and a variance from $6,000 (Risley) to $450,000 (Galena). Due to budgetary constraints, the District is bidding the schools individually with individual bid packages, which may have a tendency to inflate the overall costs due to the size and scope of each contract. To date, only Lincoln Park has been separated into an individual bid package. Construction has not yet occurred on any schools.

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